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MetroAir operates an extensive commercial division managed by some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. We proudly offer a range of commercial services including the design, installation, service and maintenance of commercial air conditioning, commercial ventilation and commercial kitchen ventilation.


Commercial Air Conditioning
Our in-house team of experienced Estimators, Mechanical Designers, Project Managers and Installation/Maintenance crews have the ability and capacity to handle all types of commercial air conditioning applications. MetroAir also works closely with trusted Mechanical Consultants to ensure exacting system designs.
We can supply a wide range of commercial systems from VRV, chilled water, central plant, DX and more.


Commercial Ventilation
Our commercial ventilation systems are designed to deliver the ultimate in ventilation by constantly circulating fresh filtered air while simultaneously exhausting contaminants; creating a healthier environment for everyone.
Without adequate ventilation, work and commercial environments can become vulnerable to:
Mould & Mildew Infestations
Rising Damp
Musty Odours


All these conditions can cause serious health concerns and structural damage. Investing in a competent ventilation system helps to prevent diseases such as influenza and damage. The installation of mechanical ventilation systems will improve air quality by correctly exchanging the air mass with fresh filtered air from outside, rather than simply moving and recirculating the same poor quality air like many competing systems and solutions do.

Recent scientific research indicates that, on average, people spend 90 per cent of their time inside, living and working in closed environments where they are often exposed to air borne pollutants. Conventional heating & cooling systems fail to exchange the air mass. Air quality indoors can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
MetroAir can provide a range of systems and services to suit Commercial Kitchen Ventilation requirements including:
Ventilation Units
Electrical Controls
Range Hoods and Filtration Units
Fire Suppression
Grease Ducts
Utility Distribution
Pollution, Smoke and Odour Control


MetroAir are the clean air experts and offer the most advanced commercial ventilation systems. With one of MetroAir’s quality ventilation solutions you can improve airflow and produce clean air, free of harmful substances. Contact the team for more information or get a quote today.

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